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Hvor jeg skriver lidt om de bøger, jeg læser og hører, og de puslespil jeg pusler :o)

Hello Darling. Are You Working?
Bøger læst eller hørt i 2016

#24: Hello Darling, Are You Working? (Rupert Everett)

Hello Darling. Are You Working?
Hello Darling. Are You Working?

Har efter mange, mange år endelig fået læst denne bog af Rupert Everett, manden jeg engang skulle giftes med ;o) Må erkende, at jeg synes, den er plain underlig, så.. Mnja…

Kort om bogen (fra
British actor Rupert Everett charmed his way into moviegoers’ affections with his scene-stealing performance in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Everett is also the gifted writer of this scathingly funny novel of a down-and-out actor’s zany misadventures amid a wildly colorful menagerie of madcap trendsetters.

Fame is a fleeting thing, as ex-soap opera star Rhys Waveral discovers. When he loses all his money in the stock market and no new acting jobs are forthcoming, eviction from his elegant hotel suite looms large. Stripped of all his assets, Rhys realizes he has only one thing left to sell: himself. And a pair of jet-setting dowagers couldn’t be more thrilled. From staid English country houses to flamboyant Parisian nightclubs and an outrageous costume ball in Tangiers, Rupert Everett spins a raucous and irresistible modern farce.